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The New Chandler Wiki currently has 5 articles since its establishment in March 2011.

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Park Avenue in Rockaway

Rockaway is the capital of the Hollister Province in southern New Chandler. It is the most populous city in Hollister, and the second-largest in the country, after New Chandler City, with a population of 5,950,224. Rockaway is a world city of business, entertainment, fashion, athletics, and industry. It is home to high-profile businesses known around New Chandler and the world, as well as the home base of Vinegrove. (Read More...)

New Chandler About New Chandler

New Chandler, officially known as the Provincial Republic of New Chandler, is a constitutional republic compromised of 27 provinces located on Adonia. New Chandler became a member of the Alliance of Independent Nations on 27 July 2010, and left the AIN on 5 October 2010 to become a member of the Confederacy of Free Regions officially on 9 October. This membership transfered into the USNW in February of 2011. One of the oldest known cultures in the world, it had been proved that nomadic people have lived in New Chandler for over 10,000 years, although some scientists believe people could have lived longer than this. Due to the natural boundaries of the ocean and the Nahazzan Desert, this has allowed for a culture that has rapidly grown and been very sophisticated for their time period. However, due to imperialism in New Chandler and the rest of the continent, New Chandler started to fall behind. Today, however, the newest areas are very sophisticated and the impoverished settlements are developing at a quick pace due to connection with business districts in the big cities. (more...)

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Rockaway Park Avenue Station
The Park Avenue station on the Rockaway Metro. This station serves over 700,000 people per day by bus and metro riders.

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City journal sections around the internet feature New Chandler. The journal has won Trixie Awards on Simtropolis, People's Choice Awards on Simmania, as well as many other recognitions.

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